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Worm Farm Update

We have had the 3 bins going now for almost 2 months. The Europeans which we have had the longest (end of Nov) and used for the learning curve. They are the biggest of the lot and many are fishing size now. The 2 bins of Africans are doing well also, one eats more than… Read more »

Corn Cobs

Was reading on some vermicomposting forums where worms liked corn cobs. Talked about them eating the center out and using them for cocoons. We don’t use ear corn but do buy field corn on the cob to feed the local squirls. These things are hard as a rock but I wanted to see if the… Read more »

Organic Worm Farm

Organic Worm Farm is located in South Carolina. Organic Worm Farm prides itself in being the only worm farm in the United States which raises four types of worms in both controlled environments and uncontrolled. They raise Red Wiggler worms, African Nightcrawlers, European Nightcrawlers and Alabama Jumpers. Organic Worm Farm is also a supplier of… Read more »